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  • Why designers should embrace strategy
  • Why designers should embrace strategy
    11.11.13 | 1 Comment
  • In the October issue of Computer Arts, design commentator Adrian Shaughnessy writes an article - Why designers should give branding back its soul - arguing that brand identity design should be taken out of the hands of strategists and returned to graphic designers. As someone who trained as a graphic designer and who is choosing to specialise in [...]

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  • Simple: conquering the crisis of complexity
  • Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity
    20.08.13 | 1 Comment
  • Whether it’s a legal document, or a TV remote with a gazillion buttons, there is a desire for greater simplicity in our day-to-day lives.  One company working and campaigning for simplicity is Siegel+Gale, and their founder and chairman emeritus Alan Siegel, and former exec. director of simplification Irene Etzkorn, have recently published ‘Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity’. Alan [...]

Free eBook: #Brand Values

Brand Values - Free Ebook: What we mean by brands and branding

#Brand Values is a free eBook, written for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

#Brand Values is an insight into the values and principles that have built and shaped some of the worlds most powerful and loved brands; values we can learn from and apply to our own. The book highlights global brand research studies and quotes top brand leaders on the insights that have shaped their brands. We look at the values which separate the goods from the greats, and ask; what makes brands like Apple, Virgin and Innocent so loved?

“In a world which is increasingly noisy, it’s harder than ever to be heard. And the things that people remember are not prices and specs – which can change from day to day – but values. They want to know the story behind your brand, and how it aligns with their own personal values and beliefs. This is why communicating your brand story is so important. You have to be really clear on the things you want people to remember you by.”

This book is designed to spark conversation, and to be an introduction to brands; how they work, behave, and grow. It’s short enough to be read in a lunch break – or extended toilet break – but (hopefully you’ll agree) interesting enough to inspire you to see your own brand from a fresh perspective.

The eBook is FREE to download, but I would really appreciate it if you would Tweet it to your followers  - hashtag #brandvalues - and sign up to the mailing list.


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  • Mark Fearn says:

    Having read this in hard copy am pleased to see it is now in E book form.
    It is informative and a useful tool re brand identity and full of insight.

  • Jamie Lavery says:

    I read this on hard copy and will be putting it on my kindle. A sharp, well presented, easy to read guide to branding. With the busyness of leading whether a business, school, church or charity it can be hard to find the time to digest lots of information. This book is short enough to read and remember while it contains enough to inspire and guide. It will be a book Im sure I will use in the future to ensure our branding stays on target.

  • Robin Miller says:

    Like the others so far I read this in hard-copy.
    It’s easy to read and the whole style eschews Andy’s graphic design abilities. He has managed to pack a whole load of insight, information and wisdom into this small book. As I start my own journey in business there are ideas from the book that I can start putting into practice right now and also things that I hope I’m doing and still doing in 25 years time.

  • Jordan says:

    This is my first time visit at here and i am actually impressed to read Brand Identity Design.

  • Katherine says:

    Well I really liked studying it. This tip offered by you is very useful for correct planning.

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