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Why are so many people afraid of so many things, but they're never afraid of mediocrity? @Bakedin #Fearless
- Wednesday May 27 - 11:40am

"The art of #leadership is understanding what you can't compromise on." - Seth Godin #Tribes
- Tuesday Apr 14 - 2:48pm

Cont. "The goal is not a more beautiful store. It's a better shopping experience. And creating more value for your brand." @TomKelley74
- Wednesday Apr 8 - 1:56pm

"As you step through the innovation process, think verbs, not nouns. We're in the business of creating experiences so focus on the actions."
- Wednesday Apr 8 - 1:55pm

Emerging from the screen into reality! "@serious4god: Look what just arrived at S4G Towers... #Gathering100 #Elim100
- Thursday Mar 26 - 12:33am

Makeshift! #SolarEclipse #eyewear
- Friday Mar 20 - 9:53am