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  • The Naked Brand - Welcome to the advertising revolution
  • The Naked Brand
    26.05.14 | 0 Comments
  • In a hotel room in Barcelona, there are two English speaking channels on the telebox; BBC World and Bloomberg, and it was on the latter that I caught the end of ‘The Naked Brand’, a documentary on the the evolution of brands and advertising in an increasingly transparent world. It’s a fascinating watch, interviewing some [...]

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  • Why designers should embrace strategy
  • Why designers should embrace strategy
    11.11.13 | 1 Comment
  • In the October issue of Computer Arts, design commentator Adrian Shaughnessy writes an article - Why designers should give branding back its soul - arguing that brand identity design should be taken out of the hands of strategists and returned to graphic designers. As someone who trained as a graphic designer and who is choosing to specialise in [...]

Wolff Olins Kitchen


KITCHEN is a school for ambitious leaders, set up and run by Wolff Olins in London. I recently attended a 2 day class called ‘How To Workshop’, for leaders and teams to help plan and execute better workshops, and to develop their facilitation skills.

“The common issues about learning in business are that the most important things don’t get taught. Very rarely are people taught about things like creativity or facilitation.” – Robert Jones, Kitchen co-founder

Kitchen’s aim is to give you a behind the scenes look at Wolff Olins; their people, their experience, and their approach. I have an enormous amount of respect for the work they do, and what they’ve come to stand for. The chance to learn from Wolff Olins’ vast amount of experience was too good an opportunity to miss.

The video above will give you a taste of what you can expect from Kitchen (if you watch closely enough, you may see yours truly).

Upcoming classes to look out for include;

- How to live your brand
- How to drive your brand
- How to be original

If my experience was anything to go by, you will find Kitchen an incredibly valuable and worthwhile investment. To find out more; visit their webpage /  sign up for their newsletter / or email them directly at


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