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  • Brand Relevance - Making competitors irrelevant - David Aaker
  • Brand Relevance – David Aaker (book review)
    30.05.14 | 0 Comments
  • Brand Relevance is the latest book from David Aaker, renowned brand speaker and author, vice chairman at Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Berkley. The book looks at the difference between brand preference and brand relevance; arguing that whilst many are locked in a the expensive preference battle, the relevance battle [...]

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  • Kitchen
  • Wolff Olins Kitchen
    08.04.14 | 0 Comments
  • KITCHEN is a school for ambitious leaders, set up and run by Wolff Olins in London. I recently attended a 2 day class called ‘How To Workshop’, for leaders and teams to help plan and execute better workshops, and to develop their facilitation skills. “The common issues about learning in business are that the most [...]

The Naked Brand

The Naked Brand - Welcome to the advertising revolution

In a hotel room in Barcelona, there are two English speaking channels on the telebox; BBC World and Bloomberg, and it was on the latter that I caught the end of ‘The Naked Brand’, a documentary on the the evolution of brands and advertising in an increasingly transparent world.

It’s a fascinating watch, interviewing some of the most influencial names in brands and business. You can watch the whole documentary on the Bloomberg website or on the player below.

Some of the stand-out quotes:

“Advertising can’t bullshit anyone anymore. There’s too much information out there about brands, about experiences. You can’t pull the wool over people’s eyes.”
Porter Gale, Former CMO – Virgin America

“Brand is going hopefully to change radically from what’s been a fictional story that stood between you and the company, to real-time up-to-the-second truth about your company, and can you through that compel me to buy. Transparency is not a choice, it’s going to happen. The only choice is; does it happen to you, or do you participate? And when it happens to you, it’s proven to be really ugly.”
Alex Bogusky, Co-founder – Crispin Porter + Bogusky

“Rather than say ‘culture is important’, rather actually make it the number one priority of the company. If we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff like delivering great customer service and customer experience happens naturally as a natural by-product.
Tony Hsieh, CEO – Zappos

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