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Terms of Business


1. Agreement

When entering into a project agreement, projects fees and scope will be clearly outlined and agreed by both parties (in writing or by email) before any work commences. If more work is required than indicated, or additional needs are requested by the Client, CCT Creative Ltd may renegotiate the fee.

2. Deposit

A 25% deposit is required upfront before project commencement. This deposit cannot be refunded.

3. Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Copyright will be transferred to the client on clearance of the final payment of the agreed project fees.

4. Promotional Purposes

CCT Creative Ltd reserve the right to use any work carried out for the Client for its own promotional purposes, unless otherwise stated.

5. Liability

CCT Creative Ltd cannot guarantee that a Client’s work is error free, and ultimate responsibility for accepting or rejecting the work rests with the Client. Therefore, CCT Creative ltd accepts no liability for loss, damages or costs incurred for work carried out.

6. Termination

In the circumstance that the Client wishes to terminate its contract with CCT Creative Ltd, the Client is required to pay for all work done to date, and any additional expenses incurred by CCT Creative Ltd. Intellectual property and copyright will be retained by CCT Creative Ltd.

In the extremely rare circumstance that the working relationship between CCT Creative Ltd and the Client has broken down, and all reasonable efforts to rectify the situation have failed, CCT Creative Ltd reserve the unconditional right to terminate the contract. No refund will be made. Intellectual Property and Copyright will be retained by CCT Creative Ltd.

7. Finally

By working with CCT Creative Ltd you are agreeing to these Terms of Business.