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“Conversations, thoughts & reflections, and the odd bit of news.”

Free eBook: #Brand Values

Brand Values - Free Ebook: What we mean by brands and branding

#Brand Values is a free eBook, written for business leaders and entrepreneurs. #Brand Values is an insight into the values and principles that have built and shaped some of the worlds most powerful and loved brands; values we can learn from and apply to our own. The book highlights global brand research studies and quotes top brand [...]


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Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity

Simple: conquering the crisis of complexity

Whether it’s a legal document, or a TV remote with a gazillion buttons, there is a desire for greater simplicity in our day-to-day lives.  One company working and campaigning for simplicity is Siegel+Gale, and their founder and chairman emeritus Alan Siegel, and former exec. director of simplification Irene Etzkorn, have recently published ‘Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity’. Alan [...]

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Merlin U Ward
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Reusable Starbucks cups simply good design

Starbucks reusable cups

When I need space to think, to read or to write, I often find myself gravitating towards a Starbucks. Something about the setting, the hustle and bustle, the background jazz, the whirling of coffee grinders (and the free refills), help me to think creatively. Someone recently bought me a Starbucks takeaway cup, which is one [...]


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Michal Reames
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New site goes live

CCT Creative - New

This website has been a long time in the making and I’m excited to say it’s finally out there! It’s not finished yet, but then no website should ever be complete. It should be a growing and evolving entity, updating all the time. Whilst I’d say go easy on me, as there is a lot more [...]


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Russ Tranter
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