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“Conversations, thoughts & reflections, and the odd bit of news.”

The Naked Brand

The Naked Brand - Welcome to the advertising revolution

In a hotel room in Barcelona, there are two English speaking channels on the telebox; BBC World and Bloomberg, and it was on the latter that I caught the end of ‘The Naked Brand’, a documentary on the the evolution of brands and advertising in an increasingly transparent world. It’s a fascinating watch, interviewing some [...]

Reusable Starbucks cups simply good design

Starbucks reusable cups

When I need space to think, to read or to write, I often find myself gravitating towards a Starbucks. Something about the setting, the hustle and bustle, the background jazz, the whirling of coffee grinders (and the free refills), help me to think creatively. Someone recently bought me a Starbucks takeaway cup, which is one [...]


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