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“Conversations, thoughts & reflections, and the odd bit of news.”

Apple – Because I Believe In Six Colours

Apple Logo - "Because we believe in six colours"

I was thinking this morning about the topic of Brand Values, and about how a company or organisation can stand for something worth fighting for… and I remembered a fascinating insight from Steve Jobs about his return to Apple. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs returned in 1997. What he expected [...]

Brand Relevance – David Aaker (book review)

Brand Relevance - Making competitors irrelevant - David Aaker

Brand Relevance is the latest book from David Aaker, renowned brand speaker and author, vice chairman at Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Berkley. The book looks at the difference between brand preference and brand relevance; arguing that whilst many are locked in a the expensive preference battle, the relevance battle [...]

Why designers should embrace strategy

Why designers should embrace strategy

In the October issue of Computer Arts, design commentator Adrian Shaughnessy writes an article - Why designers should give branding back its soul - arguing that brand identity design should be taken out of the hands of strategists and returned to graphic designers. As someone who trained as a graphic designer and who is choosing to specialise in [...]

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