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REACH is the National Evangelism Department for Elim Pentecostal Churches

“We value the relational connection which has been engendered; the willingness to listen carefully to our values, goals and aspirations; and the sense of being served by, not told what we must do.”
— Gary Gibbs, REACH Director, Elim


When REACH approached CCT Creative, they had a communication problem. They were clear on their own vision and purpose, but were struggling to get the message across. National and local leaders did not understand what they did, or what they had to offer.

“We needed to update our brand identity in order to accurately portray what we offered to the wider constituency. The department had moved on, but the branding did not communicate this, and we had new and exciting initiatives which needed highlighting.”

Brand development

We conducted a brand workshop in order to go deep into their culture and uncover their vision, purpose, value proposition, key priorities, target market, constraints and values. From here, we worked together to simplify their offering, distilling it into key communication points that their target audience could easily understand and remember. We want people to be clear on what the REACH brand represents.

Brand Brief

REACH Brand Brief

“CCT did a robust job in terms of understanding the culture we were attempting to reach and then producing a new brand identity in an extremely creative and yet accessible way.”

Design process

The previous design had little visual connection to Elim’s national brand identity, and as a result appeared isolated. The design challenge was to bring it back towards the master brand identity, whilst retaining its own culture; highlighting its national mandate, but reminding leaders of its local focus.

REACH before

Previous identity

“We were looking for ways to generate an increased noticeability amongst our existing and potential client base which would be converted into more opportunities to work with them.”


The resulting identity gives REACH a platform to share their stories, and increase their brand presence amongst their specific target audience.

“We believe we can confidently go forward with our new brand identity and capitalise on the fresh interest which has been generated.”