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Gathering 13

The Gathering is the annual event hosted by Serious4God - Elim Pentecostal Church's national youth department.

“CCT Creative worked with us to develop a fresh marketing approach to the Gathering 13 and came up with simple but effective ideas which took centre stage in our branding concept.”
— Mark Pugh, National Director, Serious4God


The Gathering is the annual event hosted by Serious4God – Elim Pentecostal Church’s national youth department. Every year, thousands of young people from across the country come together for a weekend at the International Centre in Telford. 2013 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Gathering.

Brand Development

After 10 years of success, the challenge is more of renewing its reputation rather than establishing it.

“We wanted to convey a fresh image for the 10th anniversary celebration. The audience keeps growing up, so we need to renew regularly to stay relevant.”

Design Process

The event branding concept centres around the theme of the ‘Compelled’. Conversations around the theme narrative took place to really unpack what was meant by ‘Compelled’ and how this would play out over the weekend.

From the theme narrative came this idea of creating a symbol for the weekend – the heart and the cross. It was a simple concept, the key was to execute it in a way that would capture people’s imagination. We wanted to create a symbol that would go beyond the event and take on a life of its own.


When the first round of promotional material was released featuring the guy in a ‘Compelled’ t-shirt, the two questions people asked were; who was the guy, and where can I buy the t-shirt. As a result, ‘Compelled’ t-shirts were put into production and sold in the 6 months running up to the event, something which had never happened before.

The symbol caught people’s attention, with young people taking photos and sharing it on their social networks, one youth leader even choosing to get a tattoo of the design on their wrist.

“CCT Creative’s understanding of the audience and creative input were both key in producing the logo which became the centrepiece of the weekend. The response we’ve had from our audience has been terrific – not one negative comment – with feedback reflecting this as the best of the 10 years so far.”

“Excitement is already building for the Gathering 2014.”