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Elim Bible Week

Elim Bible Week is the annual conference for Elim Pentecostal Churches, held at the International Centre in Telford

“CCT Creative have been an essential part of our rebranding journey. They have listened, understood and shown clear creative thinking in their work. It has felt like a partnership throughout the process and we have been delighted with the results which have met all our hopes and expectations.”
— Mark Pugh, Co-ordinator, Elim


Elim Bible Week is the annual conference for Elim Pentecostal Churches in the United Kingdom. As a result of declining attendances, a new team was put in place, charged with revitalising the event.

“Our challenge was to reconnect with a lost audience, and establish links with a new audience, by renewing its image, and introducing a new format and direction for EBW.”

Brand development

This new format included moving the event away from a Holiday Camp, to The International Centre in Telford. Telford provides a very modern conferencing facility with obvious benefits, but also presented challenges in convincing parents that this would work for their families.

The development and establishment of the brand is seen as a three year journey to change people’s perceptions. Special attention has been given to developing trust with Elim’s local church pastors, assuring parents that EBW is a week for all the family, and making sure that its existing audience did not feel left behind.

“The vision was to created a fresh, innovative and contemporary impression of the event, accesible to all ages, from children to pensioners. CCT Creative worked to understand the needs of our audience, which was consistently reflected in the creative development.”

Design process

The initial rebrand took place in 2012, taking a clean, spacious, straightforward design style, without any gimmicks. The theme of the week was ‘Authentic’, so it was important to keep away from using stock photography. Images were used from other Elim events that had already taken place at the Telford International Centre. In subsequent years, images were used from the previous event.

Every year has a different theme, which gives us the opportunity to update the branding. Whilst the imagery may change, the basic design principals remain the same. This thread allows us to build on the brand’s reputation, keeping it fresh, up-to-date and relevant.


We are currently two years into the rebranding of Elim Bible Week. The first two years have received very positive feedback from delegates, and there is an obvious sense of progression in the event and the brand perception. See what people thought on the EBW13 review video.

“Our branding has captured the freshness of the event and has allowed us to build on this impression year on year. People have remarked that our branding feels fresh, innovative, accessible, clear and easily recognisable.”