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Brand Relevance – David Aaker (book review)

Brand Relevance - Making competitors irrelevant - David Aaker

Brand Relevance is the latest book from David Aaker, renowned brand speaker and author, vice chairman at Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Berkley.

The book looks at the difference between brand preference and brand relevance; arguing that whilst many are locked in a the expensive preference battle, the relevance battle is a far more effective strategy that can actually be won.

The key to winning the relevance battle is in the creation of new categories or sub-categories that make your competitors products and services irrelevant. The challenge then is to own and dominate that category or sub-category, creating barriers to entry which make it hard or impossible for your competitors to follow or copy.

The book is centred around stories of how brands have fought the relevance battle, helping to illustrate David Aaker’s insights. Most of the stories revolve around significant and global brands, but there is no reason why this can’t be translated to SMEs and local entrepreneurs who are looking to find their competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

“Most of our work as brand builders is reactionary, chasing each other’s ideas. The result is a marketplace of sameness. David Aaker gives us fresh principles and real ideas to change that, to be truly innovative, to raise our game.”
Jim Stengel, former CMO, P&G

I thought it was an insightful read, with an extremely well laid out out case, and many valuable takeaways. I’d certainly have no problem recommending it to business and brand leaders who are competing to survive in the preference battle.

You can purchase Brand Relevance from Amazon

Below is a video of David Aaker doing a talk at Berkley on Brand Relevance. If you’re interested in the book, this is worth a watch and gives you a flavour of what you can expect.

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