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“Conversations, thoughts & reflections, and the odd bit of news.”

Apple – Because I Believe In Six Colours

Apple Logo - "Because we believe in six colours"

I was thinking this morning about the topic of Brand Values, and about how a company or organisation can stand for something worth fighting for… and I remembered a fascinating insight from Steve Jobs about his return to Apple. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs returned in 1997. What he expected [...]

How does your brand affect customer service?

Customer Service - Great customer service doesn't come from nowhere

I think it’s safe to assume we’ve all had bad experiences of customer service. We’ve all got frustrated when we feel overlooked, ignored or undervalued as a customer. In fact, when we have a positive experience of customer service, it often catches us by surprise. Great customer service is a powerful brand equity asset and [...]


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Brand Relevance – David Aaker (book review)

Brand Relevance - Making competitors irrelevant - David Aaker

Brand Relevance is the latest book from David Aaker, renowned brand speaker and author, vice chairman at Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Berkley. The book looks at the difference between brand preference and brand relevance; arguing that whilst many are locked in a the expensive preference battle, the relevance battle [...]

The Naked Brand

The Naked Brand - Welcome to the advertising revolution

In a hotel room in Barcelona, there are two English speaking channels on the telebox; BBC World and Bloomberg, and it was on the latter that I caught the end of ‘The Naked Brand’, a documentary on the the evolution of brands and advertising in an increasingly transparent world. It’s a fascinating watch, interviewing some [...]

Wolff Olins Kitchen


KITCHEN is a school for ambitious leaders, set up and run by Wolff Olins in London. I recently attended a 2 day class called ‘How To Workshop’, for leaders and teams to help plan and execute better workshops, and to develop their facilitation skills. “The common issues about learning in business are that the most [...]

Why designers should embrace strategy

Why designers should embrace strategy

In the October issue of Computer Arts, design commentator Adrian Shaughnessy writes an article - Why designers should give branding back its soul - arguing that brand identity design should be taken out of the hands of strategists and returned to graphic designers. As someone who trained as a graphic designer and who is choosing to specialise in [...]

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Miles Newlyn
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Free eBook: #Brand Values

Brand Values - Free Ebook: What we mean by brands and branding

#Brand Values is a free eBook, written for business leaders and entrepreneurs. #Brand Values is an insight into the values and principles that have built and shaped some of the worlds most powerful and loved brands; values we can learn from and apply to our own. The book highlights global brand research studies and quotes top brand [...]


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Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity

Simple: conquering the crisis of complexity

Whether it’s a legal document, or a TV remote with a gazillion buttons, there is a desire for greater simplicity in our day-to-day lives.  One company working and campaigning for simplicity is Siegel+Gale, and their founder and chairman emeritus Alan Siegel, and former exec. director of simplification Irene Etzkorn, have recently published ‘Simple: Conquering the crisis of complexity’. Alan [...]

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Merlin U Ward
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Reusable Starbucks cups simply good design

Starbucks reusable cups

When I need space to think, to read or to write, I often find myself gravitating towards a Starbucks. Something about the setting, the hustle and bustle, the background jazz, the whirling of coffee grinders (and the free refills), help me to think creatively. Someone recently bought me a Starbucks takeaway cup, which is one [...]


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New site goes live

CCT Creative - New

This website has been a long time in the making and I’m excited to say it’s finally out there! It’s not finished yet, but then no website should ever be complete. It should be a growing and evolving entity, updating all the time. Whilst I’d say go easy on me, as there is a lot more [...]


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