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Apple – Because I Believe In Six Colours

Apple Logo - "Because we believe in six colours"

I was thinking this morning about the topic of Brand Values, and about how a company or organisation can stand for something worth fighting for… and I remembered a fascinating insight from Steve Jobs about his return to Apple.

Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs returned in 1997. What he expected to find was that all the good people had left. What he was surprised to find was many talented people had in fact stayed. When Steve asked them, “Why are you still here?”, he kept hearing the same response…

“Because I believe in six colours.”

It was their way of saying they still believed in the Apple brand and what it stood for, even if its leaders had long since forgotten.

It is a remarkable example of brand loyalty; that in a company’s lowest hour, its best people refused to jump ship, choosing instead to stay and fight. They still believed in what the company once stood for, what Steve stood for, believing it could be so again. In spite of all the mistakes and all the failures, the logo still said something about who they were.

This is the power of Brand, and this is why Brand Values are so important. They may not show up on the company balance sheet, but they are the heartbeat of your brand, and neglecting them can take a collective toll. It’s easy to forget your Brand Values when things are going well, but it’s in the dark days you find out what you’re really made of.

Questions to think about:

- What do you stand for, or believe in, that’s worth fighting for?

- What associations exist in people’s minds when they see your logo?

- How deeply ingrained are your Brand Values within your four walls?

- Are your people proud to wear the badge?

- How can your brand go beyond just simply product or service?

By Andy Cogdon - Brand Consultant
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